Frequently asked questions


Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured and our staff is covered with Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance.


How long will you stay in my home?

It depends on the size of your apartment and your requirements for a cleaning visit.  The minimum is 3 hours for a studio.


Do you provide laundry service?

Yes, we do provide laundry services if the laundry facilities are in the apartment or building. We separate lights and darks.  We will ask you to provide detergent and to leave your laundry card charged. Please let us know if there’s a garment that needs special care, otherwise everything in the hamper will be washed and dried. Please note that depending on the amount of laundry, we may need more time to take care of the rest of your apartment.  We can also launder just sheets and towels. It’s up to you!


Do I need to be home during the cleaning visit?

You don’t need to stay if you can’t. We will take excellent care of your home so that you can come back to a sparkling place!


How do you get in?

It depends on you.  Some clients wait for the cleaning consultant to open the door for them.  Others provide us with a key to enter their apartment.  Some clients prefer that we retrieve the key from the doorman and return it once we’re done.


 Will I always get the same cleaning consultant?

We will schedule the same person every time for regular cleaning visits (weekly or biweekly).  However, if he or she is unavailable on a certain date, we will send you a wonderful replacement for that visit.


Should I tip my cleaning consultant?

Tips are not required, but always appreciated.  Please feel free to tip your consultant in cash.  You can leave a tip, in an envelope directly addressed to your cleaning consultant,  separate from the payment for cleaning the apartment.


How do I pay for my service?

You can mail a check to our office or we can send you an invoice for you to pay online via PayPal. Please note that New York sale tax will be added to your bill.


Do you have cancellation policy?

Please let us know 48 hours prior to our visit if you need to cancel or reschedule. Because we compensate our staff for last minute cancelations, we will charge a  $35 fee when the cancelation is less than 24 hours.


Will the cleaning consultant be ok with my pets?

Many of our clients have pets. Even our owner and many of our consultants have pets, so we’re comfortable working around pets. We understand they are part of the family.


How do I get prepared for the cleaning visit?

Please make sure you have your vacuum and mop ready. We will use microfiber cloths and ask that you have a roll of paper towels and two sponges for bathrooms for your consultant to use during your cleaning visit.


What if something breaks?

We take special care of delicate items; however, accidents happen.  The cleaning consultant will leave the broken item with a note in a place you can see it and inform the office.  Please notify the office within 24 hours in case you find a broken piece without a note or if the note is not in a visible place.


How do I provide feedback?

We will frequently ask you to assess our services, but you can always email us with feedback.
This is very important to us because it helps us make improvement  and  reward our consultants who are doing a great job.


What if my cleaning visit falls during a holiday?

We usually work on holidays, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  If you plan to be home on a holiday and would rather re-schedule, please let us know in advance and we’ll make arrangements for you.